The Founder

Byron Nelson, Platinum Regional Vice President

Mr. Byron Nelson, Platinum Regional Vice President and Presidents’ Club member is the founding leader of The Matrix Group. He is a self-made millionaire who has dedicated the past 15 years of his life to truly helping others reach their financial goals. He’s built massive teams all across the world incl uding: Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

He has developed organizations in which many individuals have been able to generate five and six figures per month residually and thousands more have become financially free. Mr. Nelson is now building a new wave of leadership for those who truly are ready to change their financial future.

Mr. Byron Nelson is a legendary leader within the company (ACN). He is truly the best of the best!
— Mr. Danny Bae

The Matrix Group Leaders

Platinum Regional Vice President, Renata Krumer and Boris Glickstein - New York

Our story is just like thousands of other people's, who were looking for financial freedom and time freedom.
4 years ago, our family was at a crossroads... two kids in college, third graduated and was not able to find a job, Boris and I were working full time, two businesses and no time or money to enjoy our lives or to spend more time with our families.

My husband made a decision to sell our condo and to move to a small town in Florida to cut down on expenses. As for me, this was definitely not an option! My mother's health was deteriorating and I was not going to leave her by herself in New York. ACN came into our lives at the most critical time, and had a significant impact on our lives forever and for the best.  I was able to leave my full time job in 8 month, after hitting the position of TC, In short three and a half years Boris and I reached the position of Regional Vice President, unfortunately not in time for my mother to witness it. She passed away just 3 month before our Promotion. Today, with over 1,200 hundred incredible partners in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and over 12,000 customers, we are living the dream instead of just dreaming it. The reason for our success is the ability to open our minds and learn from successful people in this amazing industry of Network Marketing. Success is not a's a journey. Be committed to your dream!. Be committed to your team!. Be committed to your success!


Regional Vice President, Daniel Dimitrov - Chicago
Daniel Dimitrov was a car valet dreaming a better life for himself and his family. Today, he has exceeded his wildest dreams through ACN! His journey to RVP will inspire you to never give up and that success can happen for everyone if work hard.


Regional Vice President, Jannis and Spencer Fatuleai - Australia
When Jannis and Spencer Fatuleai first saw ACN, they were really struggling financially. Both were working full time whilst going to school and raising four children under the age of 10.

They jumped at the opportunity and their hard work and passion has paid off. They are now top producing Regional Directors, are constantly recognised in the prestigious President’s Club and their organisation has spread into multiple countries.

Jannis and Spencer now have a strong financial future for their family and because time and money is no longer an issue, they are dedicated to helping others achieve their own dreams and goals. 


Regional Director, Fevin Reyes - Chicago

Graciously knowing that selling real estate is a grind and always on-call, Fevin became a student of finding additional ways of leveraging his talent, yet serving hundreds of people in finding financial relief. He was introduced to ACN from his mentee that “flips homes.” This unique opportunity to help his clients, friends, and family save money on their monthly home and small business expenses, is a natural fit for extending his already deep relationships with them and achieving that additional river of income. Fevin's standards of excellence and pursuit of unwavering service is most demonstrated in the team he leads. Today, Fevin leads the MATRIX Millionaires Movement with the greatest leaders of all time in the industry, such as Greg Provenzano, Byron Nelson, and Brian Sax.